Tarsons Parafilm M (Qty-12) (Code : 380020) (W 4″ x L 125′)

Tarsons Parafilm M (Qty-12) (Code : 380020) (W 4″ x L 125′)

Are you tired of dealing with moisture loss and contamination in your laboratory? Look no further! Tarsons Parafilm M is here to solve all your problems. This thermoplastic self-sealing film is designed to hold moisture loss to a minimum and provide excellent barrier protection to the content of tubes, beakers, flasks, petri dish, vials, and more.

Features of Tarsons Parafilm M

With its unique properties, Tarsons Parafilm M offers several benefits:

  • Thermoplastic material: The film is made of a thermoplastic material that can be easily stretched and molded to fit various shapes and sizes of containers.
  • Self-sealing: Once applied, the film adheres to the container and creates a tight seal, preventing moisture loss and contamination.
  • Excellent barrier protection: The film acts as a barrier against gases, liquids, and microorganisms, ensuring the integrity of the content inside.
  • Easy to use: Simply cut the desired length of film, stretch it over the container, and press it down to create a seal. No additional tools or adhesives are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Tarsons Parafilm M be used with different types of containers?

Yes, Tarsons Parafilm M can be used with a wide range of containers, including tubes, beakers, flasks, petri dishes, vials, and more. Its stretchable nature allows it to conform to different shapes and sizes.

2. How long does the seal last?

The seal created by Tarsons Parafilm M is strong and durable. It can withstand temperature changes, handling, and transportation without losing its integrity. However, it is recommended to check the seal periodically and reapply if necessary.

3. Is Tarsons Parafilm M reusable?

No, Tarsons Parafilm M is designed for single-use only. Once the film is removed, it cannot be reapplied to create a seal.


Tarsons Parafilm M is the ultimate solution for minimizing moisture loss and ensuring the protection of your laboratory samples. Its thermoplastic self-sealing properties, excellent barrier protection, and ease of use make it a must-have product for any laboratory. Don’t let moisture and contamination ruin your experiments – try Tarsons Parafilm M today!