Portwest PU Palm Glove – Full Carton (480)

Portwest PU Palm Glove – Full Carton (480)

Good for intricate tasks, the Portwest PU Palm Glove provides maximum dexterity and increased abrasion resistance. With a smooth PU coating, these gloves offer excellent protection and durability. The palm is dipped to enhance dexterity and ventilation, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. The gloves also feature a 100% breathable seamless liner, keeping your hands cool and dry.


  • Smooth PU coating for increased abrasion resistance
  • Palm dipped to increase dexterity and ventilation
  • 100% Breathable seamless liner

Size and Color:

The Portwest PU Palm Glove is available in size L and color White. The L size ensures a comfortable fit for most individuals, while the White color adds a clean and professional look to your work attire.


These gloves are ideal for intricate tasks that require precision and flexibility. They are commonly used in industries such as electronics, assembly, and general maintenance. The Portwest PU Palm Glove provides the necessary protection and dexterity to handle delicate materials and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Are these gloves suitable for outdoor use?
  2. No, these gloves are designed for indoor use and may not provide adequate protection against harsh weather conditions.

  3. Can these gloves be washed?
  4. Yes, these gloves can be washed. It is recommended to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  5. Do these gloves come in other sizes?
  6. Yes, these gloves are available in multiple sizes to accommodate different hand sizes.


The Portwest PU Palm Glove – Full Carton (480) is a reliable choice for intricate tasks that require maximum dexterity. With its smooth PU coating and palm-dipped design, these gloves offer increased abrasion resistance and ventilation. The 100% breathable seamless liner ensures comfort during prolonged use. Available in size L and color White, these gloves are suitable for various industries and provide the necessary protection for delicate materials and tools.