NATURE WORKS Filter Sand for Swimming Pool

NATURE WORKS Filter Sand for Swimming Pool

Are you tired of constantly cleaning your swimming pool and dealing with dirty water? Look no further! Introducing NATURE WORKS Filter Sand, the ultimate solution for crystal clear and hygienic pool water.

Maximum Filtration for Cleaner Water

Our filter sand is IFTS-certified to retain 99.64% of dirt particles in your pool, ensuring that your water is free from impurities. Say goodbye to bacteria and biofilm formation, and hello to a healthier swimming experience.

Reduced Water and Energy Consumption

Thanks to our anti-compaction technology, NATURE WORKS Filter Sand extends the time between backwashes, keeping the microchannels of the glass sand open. This not only saves water but also reduces energy and chemical product consumption to a minimum.

Easy Installation for All Pool Types

No matter what type of pool you have, our filter sand is suitable for all models of fresh and saltwater pool sand filters. It is also compatible with filters for above-ground, prefabricated, and inflatable pools from popular brands like INTEX and Bestway.

Longer Service Life

Unlike other water filtration media, our filter sand has an unlimited service life. The single-layer application allows for unlimited reuse in case of a filter break or change. Enjoy a longer-lasting filtration solution for your pool.

Convenient Format

Each bag of NATURE WORKS Filter Sand weighs 10 kg and comes in a reinforced bag for easy transport and installation. You’ll also be pleased to know that 20% less volume is required compared to the volume recommended by filter manufacturers.

  • Maximum filtration – IFTS-certified retention of 99.64% of dirt particles
  • Reduces water, energy, and chemical product consumption
  • Suitable for all models of fresh and saltwater pool sand filters
  • Compatible with filters for above-ground, prefabricated, and inflatable pools
  • Unlimited service life for long-term use
  • Convenient 10 kg bag with 20% less volume required

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I backwash the filter with NATURE WORKS Filter Sand?

We recommend backwashing the filter when the pressure gauge indicates a 25% increase in pressure from the initial reading.

2. Can I use NATURE WORKS Filter Sand in my above-ground pool?

Absolutely! Our filter sand is compatible with above-ground pools, as well as prefabricated and inflatable pools.

3. Is NATURE WORKS Filter Sand environmentally friendly?

Yes, our filter sand is made with technical glass, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. It helps reduce water and energy consumption, making it a greener choice for your pool.


Upgrade your pool filtration system with NATURE WORKS Filter Sand and enjoy cleaner, healthier, and more hygienic water. With its maximum filtration power and reduced water and energy consumption, it’s the perfect choice for any pool owner. Say goodbye to dirty water and hello to a refreshing swimming experience!