MACIUM Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes

MACIUM Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes

Are you tired of having your shoes scattered all over the place? Do you want a convenient and space-saving solution for organizing your footwear? Look no further than MACIUM’s Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes! Our innovative shoe storage solution is designed to keep your shoes tidy, clean, and easily accessible.

Rapid Assembly

Our integrated shoe storage box features a unique quick fold and assemble technology, which simply pulls it open to unfold and secure the front and back doors. Providing you with the comfort and convenience of storing every pair of shoes.

Stackable Design

This shoe box adopts a folding design, you can easily open the whole shoe box set and fold it up conveniently when you need to move it, which maximizes the storage space to meet your personal needs.

Sturdy and Ventilation

Shoe box organizer is made of safe and environmentally friendly hard plastic, which is very stable when assembled. Ventilation holes allow air circulation and prevent odor. The clear door allows you to store and take shoes easily.

Space Saving

The shoe box with lid is dust-free and moisture-proof, keeping the shoe box clean and dry. Suitable for all types of shoes for men and women. Each shoe box can be stacked on top of another shoe box, taking up less space, making it a must-have for every home, dormitory or rental house.

100% After-Sales Service

If you have any problem with the Installation-free Stackable Shoe Box or you need any help, please contact us with no hesitation, we will provide you problems within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these shoe boxes suitable for high heels?
  • Yes, the shoe boxes are designed to accommodate various types of shoes, including high heels.
  • Can the shoe boxes be easily stacked?
  • Yes, the stackable design allows for easy stacking, maximizing storage space.
  • Are the shoe boxes easy to assemble?
  • Absolutely! The rapid assembly technology makes it quick and effortless to set up the shoe boxes.


Say goodbye to cluttered and disorganized shoe storage with MACIUM’s Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes. Our installation-free stackable shoe boxes are the perfect solution for keeping your shoes neatly organized, clean, and easily accessible. With a sturdy and ventilated design, these clear plastic shoe boxes are a must-have for any home or dormitory. Get your shoe collection in order today!