IndoSurgicals Autoclave

IndoSurgicals Autoclave

IndoSurgicals Autoclave is a top-loading, electric autoclave with a capacity of 21 liters. It is constructed from heavy gauge aluminum, ensuring durability and reliability. The autoclave is designed to generate steam under pressure and temperature between 120掳C to 125掳C, providing effective sterilization.


Seamless Construction

The autoclave is made from seamless aluminum, which guarantees a bacteria-free environment. The seamless construction eliminates any potential areas for bacteria to grow, ensuring optimal sterilization.

Overpressure Protection System

The autoclave is equipped with a two-stage overpressure protection system. It includes a calibrated continuous bleeding pressure stopcock and a pressure release weight valve. This system ensures the safety of the autoclave and prevents any accidents due to excessive pressure.

Color-Coded Pressure Gauge

The autoclave features a color-coded pressure gauge that shows the internal chamber conditions during the sterilization cycle. The sterilization zone is indicated in green color, ranging from 15 psi to 20 psi (equivalent to a temperature of 121掳C to 127掳C). The caution zone is marked in red color, alerting the user to avoid opening the autoclave during operation.

Operating Instructions

Before operating the autoclave, ensure that there is sufficient water and avoid using hard water. Close the lid properly and never attempt to open it during operation with force. Check the rubber seal to ensure it is in good shape and condition. Avoid using any alkaline solution in the unit and do not put any extra weight inside.


  • Material: Heavy gauge aluminum
  • Size (D x H): Approximately 300mm x 260mm + 50mm Lid (12″x12″)
  • Capacity: Approximately 21 liters
  • Finish: Epoxy powder coated
  • Power Source: Electricity 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase [1.5kw]
  • Supplied with inner & outer stand
  • Suitable for 11″x9″ sterilizing/dressing drum (Drum not included – Drum cost is extra)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the autoclave without water?

No, it is essential to operate the autoclave with water. Operating it without water can damage the autoclave and compromise the sterilization process.

Can I open the autoclave during operation?

No, it is crucial to keep the autoclave closed during operation. Opening it can release steam and disrupt the sterilization process.

Can I use alkaline solutions in the autoclave?

No, it is not recommended to use alkaline solutions in the autoclave. They can damage the autoclave and affect the sterilization process.


The IndoSurgicals Autoclave is a reliable and efficient solution for sterilization. With its seamless construction, overpressure protection system, and color-coded pressure gauge, it ensures effective sterilization and user safety. Follow the operating instructions carefully to maximize the autoclave’s performance and longevity.