INMOZATA Air Fryer with LED Touch Screen

INMOZATA Air Fryer with LED Touch Screen

Are you looking for a healthier and more versatile way to cook your favorite meals? Look no further than the INMOZATA Air Fryer with LED Touch Screen. This innovative kitchen appliance is designed to make cooking easier, faster, and more delicious than ever before.

Healthier & More Versatile Cooking

Our air fryer can imitate the effect of deep frying without additional oil, without fear of high calories, refusing to be sub-healthy. Whether it’s for a potluck or three meals a day, you can make steak, fish and shrimp, dried vegetables and more. It is not only an air fryer with fast air circulation, but also a deep fryer, grill, oven, fryer, toaster.

60-Minute Timer & Temperature Control

There are separate knobs for time and temperature control, and the function keys are clear at a glance, no extra buttons and complicated operations. 0-60 minutes long time timer, precise temperature control 60-200鈩? easy to unlock food. Faster cooking capability allows your food to be ready in less time.

Safe Material & Large Capacity

The outer shell of this air fryer oven is made of high temperature resistant PP material to prevent burns. The metal liner with multi-layer non-stick coating provides good heat transfer and easy cleaning. The capacity of this air fryer is 8 liters, suitable for 4-6 person family, the compact size of the air fryer does not need to take up much table space.

360掳Rapid Air Circulation Technology

1400W high power high temperature wind combined with 360掳 frying cooking, keeping the original flavor of food, crispy outside and tender inside, not only the cooking speed increased by 30%, compared to ordinary cooking methods also reduce up to 85% of the heat.

Thoughtful Design & Preset Programs

With overheat protection, shutdown memory. Protect the air fryer and domestic circuit to a large extent. Based on people’s preferences, this Hot Air Fryer is equipped with 4 preset programs, which can be selected via the Touch screen. With the push of a button, you can easily prepare your favorite meal. We also provide other recipes for our customers to explore various cooking possibilities with our air fryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the capacity of the air fryer? – The capacity of the air fryer is 8 liters, suitable for a 4-6 person family.
  • Does it come with preset cooking programs? – Yes, the air fryer comes with 4 preset programs for easy cooking.
  • Is the air fryer easy to clean? – Yes, the metal liner with multi-layer non-stick coating provides easy cleaning.


The INMOZATA Air Fryer with LED Touch Screen is a game-changer in the kitchen. With its versatile cooking capabilities, large capacity, and thoughtful design, it’s the perfect appliance for anyone looking to cook healthier and more delicious meals. Say goodbye to traditional frying methods and hello to the future of cooking with the INMOZATA Air Fryer.