CF-4160N Comet Duplexer – Product Description

CF-4160N Comet Duplexer

Introducing the CF-4160N Comet Duplexer, a cutting-edge product designed to meet all your filtering needs. With its exceptional performance and versatility, this duplexer is a must-have for any professional or amateur radio enthusiast.


The CF-4160N Comet Duplexer boasts a wide range of features that set it apart from other products in the market:

  • Low pass filtering from 1.3 to 170 MHz
  • High pass filtering from 350 to 540 MHz
  • Impressive 60 dB isolation
  • Compact and durable design
  • Easy installation and setup


With its dual filtering capabilities, the CF-4160N Comet Duplexer is suitable for a variety of applications:

Amateur Radio

Whether you’re a seasoned ham radio operator or just starting out, this duplexer is an essential tool for optimizing your radio’s performance. It allows you to separate your transmit and receive signals, reducing interference and improving overall signal quality.

Public Safety Communications

For public safety agencies, reliable communication is crucial. The CF-4160N Comet Duplexer ensures clear and uninterrupted communication by filtering out unwanted frequencies and minimizing signal loss.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks require efficient frequency management to ensure smooth data transmission. This duplexer helps eliminate interference and enhances network performance, making it ideal for use in Wi-Fi routers and access points.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the CF-4160N Comet Duplexer be used for both transmit and receive signals?

Yes, this duplexer is designed to handle both transmit and receive signals, allowing for seamless communication.

2. Is the installation process complicated?

No, the CF-4160N Comet Duplexer is designed for easy installation. Simply follow the included instructions, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

3. Can this duplexer be used outdoors?

While the CF-4160N Comet Duplexer is primarily designed for indoor use, it can be used outdoors as long as it is protected from extreme weather conditions.


The CF-4160N Comet Duplexer is a versatile and high-performance product that offers exceptional filtering capabilities. Whether you’re a radio enthusiast, public safety professional, or network administrator, this duplexer is sure to meet your needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your communication and improve signal quality. Get your CF-4160N Comet Duplexer today!